All About Art Glass Supplies

Glass melting is a process of using a furnace to join pieces of glass. If heat is applied to glass removed from a dinner cart, it softens, becomes fluid, and flows at the same time. The pieces of glass will stick or fuse together and when cool, the piece will be solid and intact. 

Sinking involves bending and shaping the glass using the heat from the furnace to make the already molten glass into the shape of a bowl, plate, or other object. Find more art glass supplies, for making such glass pieces by browsing various websites.

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Some other hot glass techniques are "combing", which means using tools to distort the shape of the glass while it is still hot, and "fire polishing", which involves heating the glass in an oven just enough to make it smooth and shiny. 

"Furnace casting" involves melting glass in a mold within a furnace, "pate de verre" means forming shapes by heating a glass paste in a furnace, and "glass casting" means pouring molten glass into a mold.

The basic requirement is to have an oven. Ceramic furnaces can be used for hot glass, but if possible, it is best to use one that has been specifically designed for firing hot glass. It is necessary to monitor the temperature inside the oven, which is usually accomplished with a pyrometer. 

For sinking techniques, molds are also necessary. Any type of glass can be used to collapse and merge, but some glass works better than others. Since different pieces of glass are likely to be used in the same project, it is necessary to ensure that the glasses are compatible, that is, that they expand and contract at similar temperatures.