All About Sunmica And How it Is Made

Sunmica is versatile and rich and still trendy. Sunmica is a trusted brand for laminates. Sunmica became so famous that it replaced the term "lamination" to her own.

So sellers, carpenters, contractors, even housewives just say they want Sunmica, not laminate. So when you consider Sunmica, you basically assume that you want to use laminates for your furniture in your home.

Sunmica is used for home improvement and decoration. Due to its quality, stability, price and various properties itself, Sunmica is preferred as a laminate. For more information on Sunmica designs for kitchens, please visit

sunmica design for kitchen

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What is Sunmica made of?

Sunmica is made of vinyl resin, is brown in color and aesthetic paper is translucent and, interestingly, can be softer. Compared to other versions of Formica with a depth of 1.5 millimeters, Sunmica is only 1 millimeter deep.

For the same reason, almost like a laminate difference, Sunmica has fantastic value unlike any other brand. Sunmica is available in more than 400 colors and countless textures that are timeless.

Sunmica usually consists of three sheets. Everything is arranged together with a base layer, which is not used for decorative purposes. Carpenters apply glue with this primer.

On the other hand, the subsequent coating acts as a decorative coating. Usually this will be a sheet so you can add the style of your choice to this layer. After all, it has a top layer, which is translucent and guarantees the same scratch resistance.

During tears, exposure to steam and moisture, physical scratches, pressure from chemicals, fire or burns, you can judge the caliber of Sunmica.