Can Astrology Predict the Future?

There are so many questions about the future and anyone would be excited to know their future. But there is no way to see or predict how one’s future will be. Even people want to know whether astrology can predict the future or not. People have often heard astrologers speaking about how the year ahead would be for one, or what problems are in the way of others. So they also want to know if this is actually true or not. First of all if you are looking for one of the finest and best astrologers you can book appointments with the best astrologer in Chandigarh – Pandit Anil Pariyal.

Astrology cannot clearly predict what one’s future will be like, but it will definitely tell you what your short-term future has for you. In terms of health and wealth astrology can predict what your future will be like. But people mistake it to predict the entire future of one and help them in detail to attain a good one. 

Destiny is something that cannot be changed and astrology is just a medium to read your destiny. Astrology can only tell you how your stars are performing in terms of everything: wealth, health, love, education, or children. It is not a medium to know your end or how to prevent / change it.