10 Teachers Who Ran Away Due to their Children

10 Teachers Who Ran Away Due to their Children

We usually contemplate teachers as people who have an educated interests of the people in mind. Sure, you’ll find instructors just who discover towards the specific kids or promote ridiculous quantities of homework, however, we actually never representative all of them with violent choices.

Nonetheless, certain instructors be extremely connected with the people and you can means inappropriate relationships using them. When the educators rating trapped, it take the pupil and you will focus on. With her, they go various other locations, claims, plus countries. Luckily, they are generally trapped quickly.

ten Lisa Lavoie

Twenty-four-year-old Lisa Lavoie befriended a great 15-year-old pupil and you will offered your the woman phone number. They first started texting, together with dating soon became sexual. She cautioned the brand new teen that she’d cure the lady work in the event that some one learned about the matchmaking. However, it decided to remain viewing one another.

When the people mothers unearthed that the kid is actually associated with Lavoie, it called the institution. Lavoie try scared whenever college officials faced her, additionally the adolescent feared that Lavoie you’ll damage by herself. Read More