Creator’s self-help guide to creating knowledge along with AJDT and AspectJ

Creator’s self-help guide to creating knowledge along with AJDT and AspectJ

These pages is intended to aid people building gear to give or make use of AJDT/AspectJ. Be sure to play a role in this page with any pertinent details, particularly instance laws utilizing the AJDT and/or AspectJ APIs.

This page is out of date. Our very own objective will be modify these pages for AJDT 1.6.1, but we perhaps not had opportunity with this yet. Please understand that a few of something with this webpage might no much longer be proper. When you yourself have questions, kindly deliver these to the mailing list ajdt-dev.


  • 1 getting crosscutting relationship ideas from AJDT
  • 2 Collection Products in AJDT
    • 2.1 Acquiring the belongings in an AJCompilationUnit
  • 3 Making use of the AspectJ AST parser
  • 4 recognized restrictions, insects, and exceptional problem
  • 5 The screen gear are anticipated to use to operate a vehicle the AspectJ compiler

Acquiring crosscutting relationship details from AJDT

If you are building an eclipse plugin and call for access to crosscutting ideas whenever a task is built, it is possible to subscribe a listener with AJDT. The plug-in will have to be determined by org.eclipse.ajdt.core, org.eclipse.core.resources and org.eclipse.jdt.core, and org.aspectj.weaver. Within the org.eclipse.ajdt.core plug-in there’s an IAdviceChangedListener program with an individual adviceChanged() technique.

Register this making use of the AJBuilder class similar to this (in your plug-in’s start() means for example):

Currently (AJDT 1.6) this is exactly known as after each and every build of an AspectJ task (i.e. Read More