How to Light Up the Fire with Fire Starter

A fireplace is the perfect adornment for your house. It can bring the family together and restart the art of conversation. Within this article, we describe how easy it is to light the perfect fire.

You will need to follow these simple rules once you have chosen your fuel choice, i.e. wood or coal. First, clean the fireplace and make sure that any ashes from a previous fire have been removed. A small metal shovel, soft brush, and tongs are all necessary tools. To get rid of the burned ash, the grate must be raked and then swept. Children and animals should be kept away from the lighting area. The next stage is to build the fire-pit with fire starter

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There are three types of burnable materials: tinder and kindling, as well as fuel. Tinder is material that is easy to light and kindling small pieces of wood or branches. There are two types of solid fuels: minerals like coal and biomass like wood.

First, cover the fire grate with sheets of old newspaper. A couple of firelighters can be added to this. Lighten the fire using a match, taper or firelighter. Wait until the fire is established before adding small logs or other solid fuel to it. 

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