Stainless Steel – The Main Feature Material For The Last Decade

Stainless steel counters are featured in most restaurants and food manufacturing factories for many good reasons and now they are becoming a popular and prominent feature in many residential kitchens as well. For cleaning, you can also buy stainless steel polish liquid.

Stainless steel is known for its durability and being practically indestructible. You can even place a burning hot pan onto the counter without having to worry about the damages being caused, as no damage is being caused. A contributing factor to the durability is its non-porous surface which does not allow any liquids to penetrate the stainless steel surface.

Further to its non-porous feature stainless steel is burn-proof and dustproof making the material sanitary and a very good option for hygienic purposes. Stainless steel counters are burn-proof and rust-proof thanks to a combination of chromium and nickel.

Stainless steel counters are easy to clean and as stated in the name, stainless. You don't have to fear wine, acids, or food coloring staining your new counters after choosing stainless steel.

Should anything spill on the counter a soft cloth and mild soap will suffice in cleaning your counter and removing any germs and bacteria – no harsh chemicals, harsh cleaning products, or bleach is needed due to its non-porous nature. Due to all these qualities, it is the chef's preference in their kitchen.