Why 2D Animation is Still Relevant

Animation is important in business, but it's not an "in-thing" as the animation was always there. Animation seamlessly blends emotions and ideas to promote a business to its target audience. Animation is useful for all types of business, whether it's for a DVD or an animated movie.

2D animation has been the mainstay of animation for over two decades. It involves creating figures and moving them in a 2-dimensional space. Even in 3D, the animation is still a traditional art form. Learn here "Why" 2D animation has expanded beyond celluloid sheets thanks to technology.

Today, 90% of animations are computer-generated imagery. This process requires the perfect combination of art and technology. This particular type of animation is still an integral part of many sectors. These skilled animators go above and beyond to create animated motions and feelings simultaneously.

Major forms of 2D animation:


This animation works well for multi-media projects. Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop are two of the most popular software used for creating 2D animations. It is important to create motion sequences that meet specific business requirements and needs.


Character design requires creativity at its best. This field is a specialized area that allows for maximum flexibility in communication. Experts create each character from scratch. These illustrations can be used to create books or websites that will attract customers.