How Dermal Filler Treatment Can Help to Reduce Facial Ageing in Ireland

As we getting old age, our skin loses its elasticity and stretches over time, leading to a loss of facial volume. Many things can cause damage to your face, including sun damage, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, poor skin care techniques. Dermal fillers are the ideal solution to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, restore lost volume and tightness of the face.

The reason our skin stays thick is because of its high water content. The main ingredient of dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid; an endogenous substance that absorbs moisture and supplies the skin with moisture. If you want your face to look soft, round, and with fewer wrinkles, keeping your skin hydrated is important.

You can buy the products of revolax dermal filler at for your treatment. A dermal filler is injected under the skin by a cosmetic doctor using a fine needle. The procedure is almost painless.

  • Here are some advantages of dermal fillers mentioned below:

Face: as an anti-aging treatment, this treatment reduces wrinkles, lines, and tightens the skin. Lip fillers can reshape, redefine and rehydrate and give us the perfect puff

Cheekbones: Restores facial volume can dramatically improve sunken cheeks

Jaw and chin: these areas can be easily expanded and reshaped with the help of fillers

Eyes: Dermal fillers can remove the dark circles under the eyes with treatment Generally when used together, fillers and botox can produce a non-surgical facelift

Scars: Fillers can repair sunken scars

Hands: the skin of the hands may look rejuvenated and rehydrated from the filler treatment

Static wrinkles that appear empty to a resting person are ideal for treating fillers. Swollen and sunken areas of the face due to loss of volume can be easily repaired with the help of dermal fillers.