Roller Blinds: What Does Best Quality Mean

Researching blinds before investing can be a confusing matter, especially when using terminology that you may not be familiar with. You may notice many blinds in Melbourne claiming that your blinds purchase will only be the best quality, but what does that mean? It certainly doesn’t mean that they are indestructible, but we will explore this concept below. 


Traditional roller blinds are the fabric that is raised or lowered around a rotating rod in front of the window. When considering these blinds, the most essential components used would be a motor, chain or cord to raise and lower the blind, the fabric, the rod, the wheels and the brackets.

High-quality blinds focus on ensuring the blinds are made with the best products that provide the lowest risk for rapid wear and tear, thereby increasing longevity. The operating mechanism to raise and lower the blind in a high quality blind would be a metal chain, a thick tightly woven cord or a reputable motor. These will last longer than their counterparts of plastic chains, thin cords and cheap motors that burn out. 

Then there is the fabric. Blind fabric is critical in terms of quality because this will also determine how long your blinds last and which rooms you can use them in. High-quality blinds are: 

  • Mould and dust resistance. 

  • Stain-resistant. 

  • Fade-resistant. 

  • Non-flammable. 

All of these factors combine to create a product that is durable and eye-pleasing. Ensuring you engage a supplier that provides high-quality blinds will ensure the blinds withstand the test of time and don’t break or wear and tear unnecessarily.