The Role Of A Construction Manager In Construction Management

According to the project management institute (PMI), project management is “the art of managing and coordinating material resources throughout the life of a project using modern management techniques to achieve the goals set in terms of cost, time, quality,  scope, and participation.

At the most basic level, construction project management is concerned with planning, coordinating, and executing construction projects, be they agricultural, private, commercial, institutional, industrial, high civil, or ecological. You can check out the best construction manager at Humphries Construction.

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Construction project management usually involves complex tasks that can change dramatically depending on the assignment and requires strong communication skills, in-depth knowledge of the construction process, and the ability to solve problems. 

Construction project management is a complex field requiring proficiency in areas such as finance, mediation, law, economics, and many more.

The role of the project manager in construction management

The construction project manager is responsible for the scheduled project maintenance. The goal is to manage projects to be completed on time and within budget while meeting building codes, plans, and specifications. 

The construction project manager can also be responsible for setting parameters, finances, and calendars. On-site inspection and hiring of subcontractors and workers; Developing strategies for resolving potential conflicts; and much more.

Responsibilities of construction managers fall into the following categories:

-Project management planning

-Cost management

-Time management

-Quality management