All About Fire Safety Course In Kent

Fire prevention measures – Create an escape route – does your house have an escape route? When building a house make sure there is a way out if it is above the ground. Otherwise, ensure fire protection by installing an emergency ladder. 

The escape route not only makes it easier for you to get out, but it also makes it easier for rescue workers to enter a burning room with the door possibly locked, saving a lot of time.  Here we discuss the advantages of fire safety equipment and fire safety training in Kent.

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Smoke Alarm – Check your smoke alarm at least once a year to make sure it is working properly; replace the battery if necessary. Smoke detectors at all levels in the house are essential and ideally all connected to each other. 

According to the NFPA, smoke alarms are the best form of fire protection because they can reduce the risk of death by half in the event of a fire! Most smoke alarm devices have a limited life and must be replaced every 10 years, which is unfortunately often overlooked.

Properly store and dispose of all combustible materials – Ensure fire safety by storing flammable liquids such as kerosene in metal containers outdoors; Dispose of ashes and other waste in a steel container outside the house.

Adequate ventilation and proper wiring – Ensure that the house has adequate ventilation as burning fuel produces deadly fumes. You can even search online for more information about fire safety courses in Kent.