Wet Basements – Get Foundation Repair and a Healthier Home

A leaky, wet basement is more than just a minor problem for homeowners. The water in your basement can cause major structural problems for your home and health problems for you and your family. Get an American foundation specialist for foundation repair in Milwaukee.

If your basement is constantly leaking, has problems with humidity, and has standing water then your home is in big trouble. This is because damp basements can cause structural damage as well as mold growth.

The good news is that it's easy to dry out a basement if you hire a professional foundation builder! So don't let water in your basement become a destructive problem – fix it today with expert foundation repair.

Constant humidity always causes mold to grow. All mushrooms need for breeding is a source of water. So if there's a damp stain or puddle in your basement, you're pretty sure you're going to have a mold problem. 

Mold is more than just an unpleasant smell or bad discoloration – it can pose serious health risks to you and your family. From allergic reactions to toxic infections to death, mold can cause major health problems. However, the solution is simple: cut off any water sources and remove any existing mushrooms. 

A dry cellar does not encourage mold growth. Once your wet basement problem is resolved, the mold won't come back. Don't harm yourself or your family. Call the foundation's local specialists today to stop leaks and return your home to a healthier future.