Choosing the Perfect Pair of Dumbbells for Women

When it comes to exercises, dumbbells for women are at the top of the list. Why? Dumbbells are versatile instruments, can be used for more than one exercise, and they are not very heavy. These three reasons are the key reasons why so many women choose to add dumbbells to their fitness arsenal. To better understand how to choose dumbbells for women, however, we need to understand a little bit about dumbbells itself.

First of all, dumbbells have a very large surface area, because they are made out of a thick, durable material called rubber. Top hand dumbbells for women weigh around 45 kilograms (more than a pound) – quite a lot, especially when you consider that you could easily get these for under $30 in the market. The biggest drawback is that you will need to fill them up with loose-fitting rubber coating, as otherwise they won't maintain their shape. The great thing is that even if they lose their gripping surface, the weight of the dumbbells itself will hold it together. You could easily buy plastic-bought rubber coatings from your local drugstore, though.

Another great feature of dumbbells is that they don't allow you to grip the end of the weights, whereas you have to make do with iron core dumbbells. Iron core dumbbells are designed to prevent your hands from slipping when you perform weight-bearing exercises. On the other hand, dumbbells for women feature a much smaller grip, usually no bigger than the width of your wrist. This makes it easier for you to grip the weights, and the less grip you use, the more control you'll have over the weights. Moreover, while the iron core dumbbells are heavier than the rubber-bonded varieties, they are still light enough to allow you to perform many exercises with good form, such as rows and chin ups. They can also be used to perform other weight-bearing exercises, such as squats and bench presses.

The best features of dumbbells for women that you will find on the market today are those that support the natural movement of your arms, as opposed to having to perform additional stabilizing exercises for your wrists and forearms. Some of the best features of the Bowflex select technician adjustable weights include its built-in stabilizer bar and the ability to manually adjust the weight so that it's performing the exercise in the most effective manner. In fact, with its variable resistance levels and electronic load sensing mechanism, the Bowflex selectTech adjustable weights has revolutionized the way that strength training is done.

One other important feature to consider when shopping for a new dumbbell set for women is whether or not the set includes a fitness chalk. Chalk is important because it provides an excellent means of keeping track of your progress during your workouts and identifying which exercises are providing you with the greatest benefit. Fitness chalk usually has three colors and is designed so that you can easily see it while exercising. Also, if you purchase a pair of dumbbells for women that includes a chalk bag, you may want to keep several extra sets stored in a workout bag so that you have them available for any upcoming workouts.

If you purchase a pair of dumbbells for women, it's a good idea to purchase a neoprene case to ensure that your equipment remains safe during transportation. Neoprene is a great barrier against moisture, which makes it an excellent choice for exercise bags. While there are many different types of dumbbells for women available in the marketplace today, it's best to focus on dumbbells with a neoprene shell so that you get the maximum benefits. A neoprene shell will provide excellent resistance when exercising, while preventing the weights from moving around on your body. By ensuring that your equipment stays stable and is properly protected, you'll be able to enjoy using your dumbbells for years to come.