Features of Three Typical Capsule Filling Machine

With the rise of the health care industry, there is a strong demand for capsule filling machines in the market. There are three types of capsule filling machines which are divided into one operation.

Single and dual capsule filling machines

The semi-automatic single or double loading capsule filling machine is high performance in terms of capsules per hour suitable for various capsule sizes including powder and granular packaging. You can visit https://tesequipmentsupplier.com/product/tes-1200-automatic-capsule-filler/ if you are looking for the best automatic capsule filling machine supplier in US.

Some of the features of our semi-automatic capsule filling machine:

PLC controlled digital displays can be set at different filling speeds for different types of pellets. The modified design reduces unloading and unloading times, as well as weight and performance fluctuations

Manual bore capsule filling machine

Manual capsule filling machines are typically used for all classes of pharmaceutical manufacturers offering powder packaging machines, capsule filling machines and more. This device is easy to use without changes and with minimal disapproval.

The model is made of corrosive metal with corrosion resistant properties for all parts in contact with the powder packaging machine function.

Automatic capsule filling machine

This type of automatic capsule filling machine is the most advanced hard capsule filling line developed by a company to increase the quality and speed of production of capsule parts in this demanding Indian and overseas market. The machine meets all GMP standards.

The working of the machine integrate with capsule loading and separation, reject capsule disposal, powder packing, capsule closing and its ejection completely automatically.