The Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Can Baby Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?

Talc is one of the most common ingredients in health and beauty products such as Johnson's Baby Powder® and Shower to Shower®. Unfortunately, research has found a link between talcum use and ovarian cancer, leading many victims to file talcum powder litigation against Johnson & Johnson.

Large companies such as Johnson & Johnson have been making products containing talc for many years. Products such as Baby Powder and Mandi® are marketed and sold safely and effectively for adults.

Health professionals have known for years that products containing talcum powder can pose a threat to babies and children if they inhale the tiny particles of dust. However, a number of consumers have filed lawsuits in the Talc case after they were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which is believed to be caused by the product.

Many women have used baby powder or showers for decades to keep the genital area cool and comfortable. In addition, birth control products such as condoms or diaphragms are coated with a powder-based powder.

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with ovarian cancer after prolonged exposure to Johnson's or Shower to Shower® Baby Powder, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Please contact a lawyer experienced with defective products today to investigate your legal rights.

The Risks Of Using Talcum Powder You Probably Dont Know

Women who apply talcum powder in their genital area over a long period of time are suffering from ovarian cancer. Actually, when they apply talcum powder, it's particle reaches the ovaries can cause inflammation that leads to ovarian cancer in the long run. 

Most of the women filed a talcum powder cancer lawsuit as talcum powder manufacturing company for choosing profits over human life by not warning the public about the cancer risk associated with talc.

However, not all women are eligible to file a baby powder lawsuit. In order to know more about who can file a talcum powder lawsuit, visit


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Anyone who has suffered from ovarian cancer due to prolonged usage of powder is responsible for the file a lawsuit for compensation against the powder. Talk to an experienced lawyer for a free case consultation to find out more about the dangers of talc and also the best way to file a lawsuit for ovarian cancer.

If you or your loved ones are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, then you should contact a lawyer immediately. They will explain baby powder lawsuit to you.

What should you do?

If you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are caused by the use of powder, you need to pursue lawsuits powder as soon as possible. By taking legal action you'll get:

  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Get back your lost wages
  • Relieve pain and suffering

Talcum powder lawsuit comes under personal injury. Therefore you need an experienced personal injury attorney who will help you to prove the relationship between cancer and talc powder you use. An experienced lawyer will represent you in a court case.