What Is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?

IFS therapeutic targets to meet the concerns emotional, spiritual, and physical accessing your Grand Self. Think of your Greater Self as a parent to earth, calm. When the parent is in control, you enter a state of self-leadership. IFS is designed to harmonize your varied parts so that you can connect with your Highest Self.

With this Great Self, you can effectively identify and communicate with the warring parties that keep you stuck and in pain. Internal Family System therapeutic is very different from traditional psychotherapy, which tends to be very cognitive, analytical, and pathologizing. IFS therapists do you see as broken.

internal family systems group therapy

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1. Exiles: The shunned parties. Exiles hold the memories of past hurts, fears, and shames trauma-both young and old. They generally wear painful emotions.

2. Managers: Try to keep control, often through self-criticism, self-denial, and emotional withdrawal. They flee the parties, in the most vulnerable need. Most of us live our lives from our managers.

3. Firefighters: These come into play when managers are not able to keep in check the exiles. When emotions become overwhelming exiles, firefighters numb or avoid emotions dangerous with impulsive behaviors, such as substance use. Firefighters set fire, but they leave a disaster in their wake.