Will Tea Be The Healthiest Beverage In The Future?

It's interesting how we develop socially as a society. The cost of starting a business is not very high, especially if you choose a teahouse.

There are lots of great teas to try. Coffee has become a drink like wine that can taste so many different flavor profiles because, as an agricultural product, it is very dependent on soil and climatic conditions. 

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But there may be more variables when it comes to tea. Real tea comes from tea leaves that contain caffeine, but another category of tea is the many different herbal teas that come from many plants. These are not only leaves but also roots, seeds, bark, and flowers.

Of course, it can give us an unlimited taste experience. Herbal teas do not contain caffeine but are very healthy along with all types of teas, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular in today's healthier world.

But to come back here, when we talk about real teas, we divide them into four categories:

1. Black tea. It is made from tea leaves that are dried and completely oxidized. This means that exposure to air changes the chemicals in the leaves.

2. Green tea. The tea leaves are not oxidized, but rather dry.

3. White tea. No wilting or oxidation of tea leaves.

4. Oolong tea. These leaves dry, but are they are partially oxidized.